Set custom keyboard shortcuts

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by Christian Krammer on

Although Sketch is pretty strong in terms of keyboard accessibility there are still functions which you might want to map to other keys or that have no shortcuts assigned at all. Luckily OS X has a built-in method to map menu bar commands to keys in any application. I’d like to show you how you can enhance Sketch greatly this way.

Open the System Preferences (cmd + space, enter “system”, press enter), go to “Keyboard”, move over to “Keyboard Shortcuts” and select the last option“Application Shortcuts” in the list on the left. Now click on the “+” icon below, select “Sketch” (or “Sketch Beta” as in the screenshot below) and enter the exact menubar command from Sketch in “Menu Title”. Finally enter “Keyboard Shortcut” and press the key(s) you'd like to use. So for example if you want to map “Type > Baseline > Raise” to a key, then enter "Raise” in “Menu Title” and the desired shortcut, say ctrl + alt + cmd + R, in “Keyboard Shortcut”.

Animated GIF that shows how to set a custom shortcut in OSX - as described above
Though I'm using a German layout the positions of the various controls should be the same for you

This option is not limited to unassigned commands, but also lets you map existing keyboard combinations to new keys.

Here's a list of functions that I've assigned so far:

Arrange > Align Objects > Left ctrl + cmd + L
Arrange > Align Objects > Right  ctrl + cmd + R
Arrange > Align Objects > Horizontally  ctrl + cmd + C
Arrange > Align Objects > Vertically ctrl + cmd + V
Type > Uppercase alt + cmd + U
Type > Lowercase alt + cmd + L
Type > Bigger alt + cmd + +
Arrange > Move to Front ctrl + cmd + up (arrow key)
Arrange > Move to Back ctrl + cmd + down (arrow key)
Edit > Scale... ctrl + cmd + S
Edit > Collapse Artboards and Groups shift + ctrl + cmd + C