How to: Paste unstyled text

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by Christian Krammer on

When you paste text into Sketch it is usually inserted with the exact same styling as the source material. So for example if you copy red text with a size of 18px and italic styling, that’s exactly what you get when you paste it inside Sketch. However there are a couple of ways to prevent this behaviour and get unstyled text:

  • Without a text layer: Directly paste the text onto the canvas without adding a text layer first: just press cmd + V.
  • Inside of a text layer: Press shift + alt + cmd + V to paste the text.
  • Permanent: Go into the Preferences (cmd + , or Sketch > Preferences from the menu bar), navigate to “Layers” and check “Strip Text Style when pasting”.
Animated screenshot of Sketch, which shows two different ways how to paste text, styled and unstyled
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