Bring some order into the Layers List

Photo of Christian Krammer

by Christian Krammer on

The more artboards, groups and layers you add to your document, the more crowded the Layers List gets and it can be hard to keep track of all the nested folders. Luckily there are a couple of easy ways to get back some order into your Layers List.

1. Collapse Artboards and Groups

This one is hidden in the menu bar under “View > Layers List” and immediately folds up all artboards and groups. Since you can’t access this function with the keyboard by default set up a custom shortcut. I use shift + ctrl + cmd + C for this one.

Animated screenshot of Sketch which shows the ’collapse artboards and groups’ feature

2. Alt + click on the disclosure triangle

Even more hidden, this trick lets you either expand the full hierarchy with all the sub-groups and layers or collapse it to show the titles only. Just hold down alt on the keyboard and click on the little triangle on the left side of an artboard or group.

Animated screenshot of Sketch which shows how you can use alt + click to expand/collapse all groups

3. Use the search function

For a temporary fix press cmd + F to jump into the search field of the Layers List and enter the name of the layers or groups you want to display.

Animated screenshot of Sketch which shows the search function